"Open in Chart Studio" in Colab Notebook

I have in the path generated plotly graphs using JS (presumably with plotly.js).
I am now on another project, which this time uses Python (with pandas) and Jupyter Notebook (or rather Google Colab notebooks).
Using something like

import plotly.graph_objects as go
fig = go.Figure( go.Scatter(x=df['frameNum'], y=df['vmaf'] ) )

is great and gives me instant results. However, on thing I am missing is the hover icon that allows me to open these generated graphs in Chart Studio (which is great for additional tampering).
Is there a way to add that icon?

I understand from https://plot.ly/python/getting-started/#chart-studio-support that it should be feasible, but even when I !pip install chart-studio at the start of my colab script, I don’t see that icon. Is there an additional step required?

Answering my own question.
Check much more detailed documentation at https://plot.ly/python/getting-started-with-chart-studio/, which explains the principles in detail, and works in notebooks as well