Open debugger on error - Dash

Probably an easy one.

It’s great when I get an error when using Dash. I can see callbacks and a lovely graph if I like:

But if I wanted to open a debugger at the point the error occurred (like ipdb), how could I do this?

if you running from a terminal ipdb will open wherever the breakpoint() statement is set only it will be shown on the terminal not the browser

Breakpoints certainly have their uses, but I was hoping to find a way for the debugger to open automatically whenever an error occurred. I was thinking like the %debug statement you can use in Jupyter notebooks.

Anyone know anything about this? I know Dash uses the Werkzeug debugger, which has an option for this (see Makes me think there’s an easy way currently to do it. It’d also be super useful!

We have one proposal about how to do this here:
I haven’t looked at what it would take to connect to the Werkzeug debugger, but that could be an interesting part of this. It’s important to note though, we’ll be looking for a solution that can be replicated in R as well as Python.

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Great. I’ll be awaiting that feature eagerly then!