One-time job: add tab duplication functionality to existing app

I’m in search of a skilled Dash developer for a short project. My other commitments have left me short on time, and my limited programming expertise means this task would be more efficiently handled by someone with greater experience.

Project Details:

  • Implement multi-tab functionality enhancements to my Dash app, based on suggestions from Bryan and AnnMarie (link).
  • The application should allow users to:
    • Duplicate the main tab multiple times
    • Modify any new tabs in the same manner as the current page.
    • Transfer selected data series between tabs.
    • Include a feature or dedicated tab for comparing figures on the same page, similar to AnnMarie’s example.


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I could help you with that. Here is my email

Hey @davzup89, thanks for letting me showcase my work here.

Well, here is what I did. Since @davzup89’s app was quite complex, I boiled it down to a mock- up which provides the desired functionality. The code of this mock- up can be found here: