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OHLC or Candlestick charts can't scale y axis

If you check Scatter Plots, as you zoom in the charts , the y axis scales to give you better perspective.

In OHLC and Candlestick charts, you can only zoom in by the x axis, therefore the y axis remains the same and bars/candles don’t adjust to your zoom.

I went through a lot of posts and github issues and couldn’t find any solution to this, but most of those were old, so maybe things changed from the past couple years.

Zoom in:

So, is there anyway to make the y axis to scale as I zoom in?

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This feature request has a long history that I believe is still open:

I honestly don’t understand how the rangeslider is even useful without auto-scaling the y-axis, but it’s something plotly developers haven’t considered a priority.

I still have this problem when I made something today by following SRC

   <script src=""></script>

just for info and hope it will be debugged. Thanks.