Number Format Related Issue In Bar Chart Values Showing 111.111K want to show 111k

I am Using Plotly bar charts with Angular Js. Actually getting Values to js like “111,111”,“222,22” In Graph It is Showing like 111.111K

i want to Shown it like 111K.

Please Help me

Lookingup Restrict axis ticks labels to only show int values would be a good place to start.


  It is Eliminated 'K' also and After ',' no need to display Values 

Input : 111.121K

Needed Output Is like : 111K.

I’m having a hard figuring out what you have and what you want. Would you mind sharing a reproducible example to help us help you?

Actually For to display graph i am geeting Values like “111,222”,“234.55” like this I want to Plot these values into BarChart.

    On Barchart I need to Show 111K Instead of 111,222 Currently they are Showing Like 111.222K

I Used tickformat,if Used this in layout border Values are also changing. I need to Change only inside graph Values

Okay In Bar Chart While Hovering Currently I am getting 123.343K

I want to Display like 123K. I need to remove 343