No title attribute for Input

I made an input with a regex pattern, but I realized the user has no way of knowing what the ‘requested format’ is for the input so that they can change it accordingly.
But when I visited the documentation for Input I found this:

Use the title attribute to describe the pattern to help the user.

and no title attribute in neither the dcc module nor the dbc one.
What’s up with that?

Hi @anina

You are right, the documentation describes an attribute that do not exist :thinking:

What about “placeholder” ?

An other option is to add an html.H6 to describe the pattern :woozy_face:

Hi, you could use Dash mantine input components, it has a label and description to do just that.

These are completely different functionalities than ‘title’…
I changed my approach so I don’t really need this anymore, but this is still an oversight.

Hi, just to add another option: you could use a dcc.Tooltip()