Newplot in Dash adds a _template which causes validate to fail

Hi, if I have data, layout, config defined in javascript with [copied from debugger]

domain: (2) [0.06, 0.88]
range: (2) ['2022-03-03 19:21:31', '2022-03-18 15:54:56']
  range: (2) ['2022-03-11 16:35:16', '2022-03-19 16:35:16']
  yaxis: {rangemode: 'match'}
  yaxis2: {rangemode: 'match'} 
  type: "date"

then after I call newplot then layout.xaxis.rangeslider.yaxis picks up an extra key ._template which is set to undefined.

If I run validate then I get an error that yaxis does not have _template in its schema.

How can I avoid this?

Thanks, T.