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Newbie HELP! Creating multiline chart or similar

New to plotly and I am trying to create a multiline or stacked bar chart for the following rows and values. They shouldbe based on Analyst and time.

analyst attention delta theta lowAlpha highAlpha lowBeta highBeta lowGamma highGamma time
Analyst 72 246836 119537 797902 677390 861178 944870 937669 636754 1.49221E+12

Can anyone assits please
I would like to note I am using the online service

Can you be more specific? Which offline service are you using? plotly.js, plotly for python, plotly for R? Thanks.


Thanks for your reply. I was using the online tool. However I am now looking at plotly.js for a Stacked bar chart from a database resultset as shown in my first post. I would like to be able to stack the waves over time. More specifically the theta, highBeta, highAlpha and highgamma is a good place to start.