Need help creating a line chart

I’m new to Dash and trying to build an interactive graph that has multiple lines. Here’s the mtplotlib code:


The code produces something like this

How can I recreate this in a dash app that is interactive so when I hover over the line, it shows the point in time price?

Hey @w1181016 welcome to the community.
First of I think you have misunderstood Dash, it is used for building dashboards not interactive graphs.
However The company that manages Dash also has open source interactive plotting library named Plotly by which you can make interactive plots.
Coming to your problem, Start with here. It will certainly help you achieve what you wanted.

Hi @matsujju thanks for your reply, in terms of interaction, I’m just trying to make it like this one:

As I told earlier, it is very to easy to make charts in Plotly, just input the parameters as the documentation of line chart says, next moment you have your line chart, if you want you can also make some custom changes to it.
If you are looking for start, here is the video tutorial playlist you will benefit from.

figured it out! thanks for pointing me to the document.
got it working here