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I have been having a lot of fun with the new pages setup that you created in plotly -super useful!

I have successfully built a mutli-page app with a navbar that all works fine!

The navbar dropdown menu gives a selection of different sub-home pages, once you select one of these sub-home pages, an additional sidebar appears in the layout of the page you selected, this gives you additional links to search through topics under that given subhome page. You can see that when i click on the sub home page “consumer price inflation” I get a side bar pop up, this is where I want to link only a subsection of pages in the pages folder that relate to the topic consumer price inflation. Is this possible using the pages setup, as I will have to call additional pages within an existing page layout?

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Seb :slight_smile:

hi Seb (@SHRees) ,
Did you mean to share code with us?

I think you can do it by referring to the page name. See for example the file inside the pages folder of this app.

Hi @SHRees

You can also see a great example in Adam’s latest video:

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Thank you both!!

I think we’re talking about the same thing :thinking:

For example, in this resume app, the file is built so the side bar only appears under the Projects page. And the sidebar only displays a subset of the pages in the pages folder.

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