Native vs Custom Filtering with Checkbox Callback Trigger

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to Dash and so far I am loving it.

You’ll see in my screenshot below that I have two DataTables. The top one is an aggregated view and then the bottom one is a drill down view of the active cell. You’ll also see that I have a custom format to highlight records where the Current Stock < Min Qty.

I like and need the user to be able to input their own filtering so they can search for whatever product or category they need to look for. But I’m also thinking of a couple of use cases where I know that they are going to want to filter down to, say, only the product that is short (not just highlighted).

If I want such functionality of a component, does that then mean that my filtering attribute must be “custom”? Does that remove the functionality of filtering by the user? I don’t quite understand?

OR, is it a case of “If Checkbox, apply the filter logic to the Pandas DataFrame and return those records to the DataTable instead”?

Hello @MrMadium,

It really depends on how you want to design it.

You could even have an external table with drop downs of columns that they could filter down by. Which would then apply to the data tables in the back end.