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MySQL recommended connection method for Dash app

Hi there

For Using MySQL database systems, what would be the most effective connecting type

  • connecting at start of the code? disconnecting at …?
  • connecting and disconnecting in a separate function called many times?
  • Connecting and disconnecting in a callback?

I aim building an app which runs beautifully locally, but up in a server takes ages to load, I was recommended to use MySQL instead of the csv files that I was loading, I just don’t know how friendly is Dash with MySQL


It depends a lot on your usage pattern as well as the client implementation, i.e. the amount of overhead associated with establishing a connection.

Generally speaking, if you only need to make a large query once in a while, it would probably be OK just to open/close a connection each time. If you make lots of small queries, it might be worth reusing the connection.

As an example i recently implemented auditing on an app (lots of small inserts), in which case I used a threaded connection pool stored in global scope in order to enable reuse of connections (that was a psql db, but the principle is the same).

NOTE: Depending in your data usage pattern, the MySQL solution might be faster that a csv file, but I could also be slower. How does your data/usage look?

Thanks Emil
I am consulting a database many times, just reading ~10k rows tables to Dataframes and slicing
I am trying to reuse the already read dataframes, but i note that I am consulting the MySQL many times, so perhaps a one connection could be sufficient as a main inflow of data