My line graph has gaps in it, despite no gaps in the data

This is weird. I have a line graph with dates on the x axis and floats on the y axis. There are consecutive dates (weekends) where the y value is the same as the previous day.

In some of the weekends (not all), the line has a gap where I expect to see a horizontal line.

Adding “connectgaps=True” doesn’t fix this problem.

If I change the mode from “lines” to “lines+markers”, the problem is fixed! But I don’t want markers :frowning:

The bug only presents itself on some of my datasets. Some datasets are 100% fine, others have a few gaps, and others have lots of gaps.

One of the worst offenders. Notice that the data has no gaps where the line is missing.

Hey @cecilpl,
It seems that scattergl has an issue.
I edited your traces and changed the trace type from type='scattergl' to 'scatter', and the plot is now OK: