My example exercice with life exp

# Import packages
from dash import Dash, html, dash_table, dcc, callback, Output, Input, State, no_update
import pandas as pd
import as px

import micropip
await micropip.install('dash-bootstrap-components')
import dash_bootstrap_components as dbc
await micropip.install('dash_bootstrap_templates')
from dash_bootstrap_templates import load_figure_template

# Incorporate data
df = pd.read_csv('')

# Initialize the app
dbc_css = ""
app = Dash(__name__, external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SOLAR, dbc_css])
#app = Dash(__name__, external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SOLAR])  # Sytle


# App layout
app.layout = html.Div([
    html.H1('Do you know the richest countries?', className="dbc"),
    html.H4(children='Population, life experiance and standard of living in the world', className="dbc"),
    html.Div([dash_table.DataTable(data=df.to_dict('records'), page_size=6)], className="dbc"),
   # html.Div('Show...'),
                dbc.Col(html.Div('Show...'), width=2),
                dbc.Col(dcc.RadioItems(options=['pop', 'lifeExp', 'gdpPercap'], value='lifeExp', id='radio'), width=2 ),
                dbc.Col(dbc.Button('Submit', id='submit'), width=2 )
             ],  justify='start'
                dbc.Col([dbc.Alert(id="alert", children="Please select a property...")], width=10 ),
             ],  justify='center'
    #dbc.Col(dcc.RadioItems(options=['pop', 'lifeExp', 'gdpPercap'], value='lifeExp', id='radio') ),
    #dbc.Col(dbc.Button('Submit', id='submit') ),
    # gdpPercap = standard of living
    dcc.Graph(figure={}, id='histogram'),

                dbc.Col(dcc.Dropdown(id='ContiDropDown', value='Asia', className="dbc"), width={"size": 4, "order": 1, "offset": 1}),   
    dcc.Graph(figure={}, id='scatter'),

    dcc.Interval(id='interval', interval=3000)

# Add controls to build the interaction
    Output('histogram', 'figure'),
    Output('alert', 'children'),
    Input('submit', 'n_clicks'),
    State('radio', 'value'),
    # Input('interval', 'n_intervals') # Tiggers the callback each 3 seconds. 
        #State() # Gives no callback, only the value comes with it
def update_hist(_, col_chosen):
    dff = df[['Albania','Romania','Iran','India','Algeria','Egypt','Australia','Canada','Mexico'])]
    dfSort = df.sort_values(by=[col_chosen])  # This not so easy, because it is a summary of each continent
    figHist = px.histogram(dfSort, x='continent', y=col_chosen, 
                       histfunc='avg', color='continent',  
                       opacity=0.65, labels={'continent':'list of continents'},
    #figHist.updates_axes(y='average of population')

    # expectation of life

    if col_chosen=='pop':
       alert_text = 'Average Population of the continents'
    if col_chosen=='lifeExp':
       alert_text = 'Average life experiance of the continents'
    if col_chosen=='gdpPercap':
       alert_text = 'Average GDP of the continents'
    return figHist, alert_text

# Second diagram: scatter
     Output('ContiDropDown', 'options'),    
     Input('radio', 'value')
def update_dropDown(col_chosen):
    if col_chosen=='pop':
        return no_update
        options = df.continent
        return options 

# Second diagram: scatter
     Output('scatter', 'figure'),    #allow_duplicate=True), # when use two, same Outputs. 
    Input('radio', 'value'),
    Input('ContiDropDown', 'value'),
    prevent_inital_call =  True
def update_scatter(col_chosen, continent): # histSelected

    #ctxOn = dash.callback_context
    #if(len(ctxOn.triggered) != 1 ):
        #raise PreventUpdate

    #print('histSelected: ' + histSelected)

    # Country should choose via click on the histogramm
    dff = df[df.continent.isin([continent])] 
    dffSort = dff.sort_values(by=[col_chosen])
    #dff = df[['Albania','Romania','Iran','India','Algeria','Egypt','Australia','Canada','Mexico'])]    
    figScat = px.scatter(dffSort, x='country', y=col_chosen,) # , range_x =[10000,40000])
    figScat.update_traces(marker_size=15, showlegend=False)    
    # showlegend=False #fig.update_traces()    
    return figScat

# Run the app
if __name__ == '__main__':

It is not completly finished,
may I can do this on one day next week.


Impressive, @BikeJunkie79 . I love how you added @AnnMarieW 's dash_bootstrap_templates, which aligned the graph with the Bootstrap template chosen :clap:

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