Multiple Y-axes on same graph with different heights

Having trouble trying to set 2 y axes on the same graph so the right axis is half the height of the left axis. Left axis shows scatter plots while right axis is a bar chart. When both axes are the same height some of the bars run into the scatter plots; I want the bars max height to be only ~50% of the graph so they never cover/touch the scatter plots. But appears that ‘height’ is not adjustable in a bar chart as the code I have so far is…

trace_sales = go.Bar(
        name = "Sales",

in the terminal I get

plotly.exceptions.PlotlyDictKeyError: 'height' is not allowed in 'bar'

Path To Error: ['height']

Valid attributes for 'bar' at path [] under parents []:

['bardir', 'base', 'basesrc', 'cliponaxis', 'constraintext',
'customdata', 'customdatasrc', 'dx', 'dy', 'error_x', 'error_y',
'hoverinfo', 'hoverinfosrc', 'hoverlabel', 'hovertext', 'hovertextsrc',
'ids', 'idssrc', 'insidetextfont', 'legendgroup', 'marker', 'name',
'offset', 'offsetsrc', 'opacity', 'orientation', 'outsidetextfont',
'r', 'rsrc', 'selected', 'selectedpoints', 'showlegend', 'stream', 't',
'text', 'textfont', 'textposition', 'textpositionsrc', 'textsrc',
'tsrc', 'type', 'uid', 'unselected', 'visible', 'width', 'widthsrc',
'x', 'x0', 'xaxis', 'xcalendar', 'xsrc', 'y', 'y0', 'yaxis',
'ycalendar', 'ysrc']

Is there any workaround? Surely you can make one y axis half the height of the other…