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Multiple line scatter for visualization of cell tracking with jupyter notebook

Hi guys,
I wonder if anyone know how to create interactive multiple line scatters using plotly with jupyter notebook?
I wanted something like this but with the interaction offered by plotly.

with colors indicates the tracks with final position toward a side.

Since there will be more than hundreds of tracks, does this mean that i will need to create traces for each track?

Thanks in advance if you can share some tips.

@davince As long as all your plots have the same type=‘scatter’ , you can define a function as follows:

def my_trace(x, y, **kwargs):# kwargs are keys you intend to set in the trace definition
    return dict(type='scatter',
                     line=dict(width=your_width, color=your_color),

Analogously, define a function for layout:

xaxis_style=dict(...)#your preferences for x-axis style

def my_layout(title='Corresponding title', **other_kwargs):
        return dict(title=title,
                         #other keys-values

and call these functions to get data and layout for each plot.