Multiple Inputs with one Callback doesn't work

I want to plot a graph which takes three Inputs from a callback, which contains the DateRangePicker values and a multiple dropdown menu.

After i run my Code i recieve a “Syntax error” message. I put a picture of it below.

I tried only the DateRangePicker as Input and it worked. But when i try do the same with the multiple dropdown menu it shows me the defined error message.

i would appreciate if anyone could help me with this issue.

    Output('plot_1', 'figure'), 
    [Input('DatePicker', 'start_date'), 
    Input('DatePicker', 'end_date'),
    Input('multi_dropdown', 'value')])```

def update_graph_1(selected_start_date, selected_end_date, selected_product):
    filtered_df1 = df[(df['DateTimeUTC'] >= selected_start_date) & (df['DateTimeUTC'] < selected_end_date)]

    if type(selected_product)!=str:
        filtered_product = filtered_df1[filtered_df1['Time'].isin(selected_product)]
        filtered_product = filtered_df1[filtered_df1['Time']==selected_product]
    traces = []
                        x = filtered_product['Time_StampUTC'],
                        y = filtered_product['Price'],
                        mode = 'lines',
            ...                 'size': 15,
            ...                 'opacity': 0.5,
            ...                 'line': {'width': 0.5, 'color': 'white'}
...                             }
    return {'data': traces,
            'layout': go.Layout(
                        xaxis = {'title': 'title_1',
                                    'showgrid': False},
                        yaxis = {'title': 'title_2',
                                    'showgrid': False},
                        paper_bgcolor = 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
					    plot_bgcolor = 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                        title = 'Scatterplot',
                        title_font_size = 14


if  __name__ == '__main__':

Hi @Consensus20

Apparently the message are just problem with the indentations, see if there is any space or character that cause that, or if you miss any coma.
Also be sure there is not empty row between the callback decorator and the def update_graph_1 row.

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