Multiple continuous color scales in a choropleth map

Hi there to everyone!

I’m more or less new in the world of python, new in plotly and also in this forum and I’m still discovering all the features and potencial that plotly has.

Lately, I’ve been learning how to create choropleth maps and I’ve been trying to figure out (until now unsuccessfully) how to use more than one continuous color scale on a map. What I have done until now is to plot a map in which each polygon has a representative color of the winner of an election. For example, this is a map of a province of Spain where each polygon is a municipality:

Now, I’d like to take this into the next level and plot not only the winner of the election, but also the strength so that reds and blues would be darker if the winner in a given municipality has, lets say 45 % of the votes or more, and weaker if the winner has only around 25 % of the votes.

I have also figured out how to plot this map using a continuous color, but only one. I mean, all municipalities of a continuous red or a continuous blue depending on the strength of the vote. Now I’d like to combine winner and vote strength.

Any ideas on how to do that? Thanks in advance!