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Multiple color bars with facetted density_contour plot

Hello Everyone,

Making a facetted density_contour plot with option contours_coloring=‘fill’ creates, what it looks like to me, several color bars that are superimposed. Here is a figure that shows this:

Based on the numbering, there are at least two color bars superimposed. Is there a way to either draw the color bar next to each figure or synchronise the color scale and draw only one?

For completeness, is the code to reproduce this:

import as px
Iris =
fig = px.density_contour(Iris, x=‘sepal_width’, y=‘sepal_length’, facet_col=‘species’)

I printed the Figure object to see if there is an option I can use but nothing stood out. However, I am new to Plotly Express so I am still learning how to use the library.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Good question! You’ll have to add coloraxis="coloraxis1" inside the update_traces() call to get them to share :slight_smile:

Hello Nicolas,

Thank you very much! This does the trick. :slight_smile: