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Multipage with Tabs and each tab contains a gantt chart

Hi, I have a multipage with 4 tabs, on each page a Linechart and also should there be a gantt chart. For the first tab this is working. If I i create a second gantt and try to put it in the second tab (as a figure) it shows key errors.

Is there any way to put a gantt on each tab?

loop over a list of csv files, preprocess the data and create figures, after creating in a list and all elements can be used as a figure

fig1 = figlist[1]

(and so on)

fig = ff.create_gantt(dfGanttPlot,width=1920, height=850,title=">"title",showgrid_x=True, showgrid_y=True,colors=colors,index_col='Resource',group_tasks=True)