Multipage Apps duplicating Callbacks

I wanted to drop a note here for anyone who may run into a similar issue.

I have a multipage app that currently has 2 concurrent pages showing similar information - during the development of page 2 I kept getting an error relating to duplicate callbacks, after scanning my code 10x and pulling out my hair I realized that what was happening was I had an ID on my first page that was the same ID I was using for an element on my second page, whilst doing the callback to update the options it was erroring out as the same element ID.options was being called on a completely different page. I do find the behaviour odd however my assumption is that multipage is more about hiding pages and showing pages and not true URL redirecting - just thought I would share this find with the community


Yes, that is correct. One possible mitigation path would be to use the PrefixIdTransform,

EDIT: You might also want to read the section on the DashBlueprint object.