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Multi-Page Apps and Live-Graphs

Is it possible to code Multi-Page Apps and have a live dynamic update for the html page?

Although, I have a vague idea how to do it, but can anyone confirm if this is possible at all?

The vague idea I have is to return live-updates when the new pathname is called! But this happens only when the link is clicked and wrapper calls the respective function. But i want to open all the Apps and keep updating it dynamically, in parallel irrespective of a click.

Or is this the case: Dash renders web applications as a “single-page app”

I’ve done it but in my case the same data source is shared across the sub-apps. What I did was to use the filesystem cache and multiple dcc.Interval components to refresh the contents on a schedule.

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I get what you are saying. I kinda implemented this in the same way. Giving the same interval, updates only one Web app, different Intervals works in parallel. I hope it works even after deploying it to server.
Kinda challenging to optimize though.

Thanks alot for giving a thought on this!


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