Multi Index Columned Bar Chart

Below is the tableau vizualizaton I have. How do I get a similar bar graph using plotly-pandas?

Below is the pandas code being used with plotly but it is generating reverse of what is seen on tableau

df_ncdot_driver_age = df_ncdot[df_ncdot.DrvrAge!='Unknown']
df_ncdot_gender = df_ncdot_driver_age[df_ncdot_driver_age.DrvrSex!='Unknown']
df_ncdot_alcohol = df_ncdot_gender[df_ncdot_gender.DrvrAlcFlg!='Missing']
df_ncdot_alcohol = df_ncdot_alcohol[df_ncdot_alcohol.DrvrAlcFlg!='Unknown']
fig =['DrvrAgeGrp', 'DrvrSex'])['CrashID'].count().reset_index(), x='CrashID', y='DrvrAgeGrp', title='Gender and Age based involvement of Alcohol in Crash'
).update_layout(autosize=True,height=400, width=1200).show()