Mulitple Dash Templates in Django

Hello guys,

I really need help, I am stuck with something.
So, I have a Django Web App where I created a separate file ( which is later called through (HttpResponse(dispatcher(request), content_type=‘application/json’).getvalue()), passed to the template (historical_charts.html) and called with Jinja tags: {{ dash_content | safe }}… That works perfectly.
But now, I need to add one more chart as another template (Real Time Chart), which I tested WITHOUT Django, and it works. I tried creating a new app in Django, did the same thing like with the first one, but it doesn’t work - Error Loading Layout If I change: app = dash.Dash(url_base_pathname="/realtime/", csrf_protect=False) to app = dash.Dash(url_base_pathname="/", csrf_protect=False) - it calls the first chart…
I know it’s hard to understand the problem (with these code snippets), but if there is anyone who could help me, I will share the whole code.

Thank you in advance