Moving 'text' information into a box

Hello everyone,

I would like to display the ‘text’ containing information on each point of my graph in a window above my graph. It’s for a better visibility… is it possible?
(For exemple moving on the X axis with the ‘text’ info displayed at the top right of my graph in a small window)
I work with python.

Cluster_1 = {‘type’ : ‘scatter’,
‘x’ : WL,
‘y’ : AAAA ,
‘name’ : ‘Cluster 1’,
‘text’: B,
“fillcolor”: “rgba(0.19215686274509805, 0.5098039215686274, 0.7411764705882353, 1.0)”

data = Data([Cluster_1])
fig = Figure(data=data, layout=layout)

Thank you (and sorry for my bad english) !

Is this what you are looking for:

Thank you for your response.
Yes I want to do this but with a text corresponding to a x. In your documentation the text is fix.

thank you