Move the location of the y-axis line to a location other than at x=0

I apologise if this is a simple question but I could not find an answer online.
For a simple line/scatter plot with one trace, I would like the y-axis line to be located at a location other than at x=0.

The range of my x-axis is from -4.6 to 0. Plotly keeps placing the y-axis line on the right hand side (at x=0) but I want it on the left hand side (at x=-4.6).
The location of the tick marks/labels is not an issue - these stay on the left . . .but. I want the axis line to be on the left too.

Many thanks


Found a solution.
‘zeroline’: false in x-axis layout to remove the axis line - not sure why it needed to be in ’ ’
then add a vertical line definition as a shape in layout. color black and weight 1 matches the default axis line.

		shapes: [

		//line vertical

			  type: 'line',
			  x0: Math.log(.01),
			  y0: 0,
			  x1: Math.log(.01),
			  y1: 1.05,
			  line: {
				color: 'black',
				width: 1,
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Hello @dcornfel,

Welcome to the community!

Glad you figured out a solution, and that you for posting it here!

Often times, with plotly.js questions, it is nice to include a MRE or a jsfiddle so that people can just in and help you right away. :slight_smile: