Most Dash examples do not follow best practices for data sharing

Hey there, I just started using Dash a couple weeks ago for my team. It worked great so far. However, there was one thing perplexed me a lot: which is data sharing, I just read the following doc yesterday, and it resolved my question.

However, most of the beginner guide / getting started guide only use the bad practice mentioned in the doc. Like this one: Part 2. Layout | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly
I believe that would be the first doc majority of the new users start with. I found it could be misleading for new users about the model. It would be great if we could mention it is not using best practice, link to best practice page or better have a best practice example, then do the anatomy of it, instead of breaking it apart into a couple of non-best practice examples.


Providing extended content/link is a good idea!

But I think you’ve also noticed that the best practices require some knowledge to benefit from it. This documentation follows a step-by-step sequence, as you continue to explore, so you’ve found best practices.

It might be a better time to discover these while you’re having some difficulties and trying to solve them. This is what I’ve come up with from some beginners’ feedback. :laughing:

And, it would be great if you were willing to share the case of solving your question with others.