Module dash_table_experiments has no attribute 'Datatable'


I’m trying to implement a datatable in my Dash dashboard but I keep receiving the following error: "AttributeError: module ‘dash_table_experiments’ has no attribute ‘Datatable.’

From my vast googling, this module should have the Datatable attribute, no? I’ve pip installed the module and its up to date in my system. Any ideas on whats wrong? Here is my code:

                    className="twelve columns"

While the dash_table_experiments is quickly presented in the Dash guide, they released at the beginning of November a new package called dash-table. They also released alongside a 7-part tutorial for this package. Check it out here:

Hopefully this helps you out

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I’ve been following the dash-table tutorial but seem to be encountering the same issue - AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘DataTable’

This occurs despite having copied exactly the Dash code provided in the Quickstart section of the Dash Table tutorial introduction page (

My dash versions are currently:

dash 0.39.0
dash-core-components 0.44.0
dash-html-components 0.14.0
dash-renderer 0.20.0
dash-table 3.6.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Issue solved! Not sure the reason for this issue to begin with but after making a couple changes to my code it began to work. might have began with a versioning issue and was exacerbated by my attempts to create a DashTable within a new test app that I named which conflicts with the dash-table package.

Anyways, after renaming the test table app and updating my dash package versions to match the Quickstart example my code started to work.