Modify Perspective camera view angle in 3D Scene

Is there a way to manipulate the camera view angle?

I understand how I can manipulate the camera position (eye) and the camera target (center). I also understand that I can toggle between perspective and orthographic.
However, for a perspective view, I want to be able to control/adjust the camera view angle.

Another way to specify/ask the question (for those who might be familiar with Matlab):

matlab_vs_plotly_property_map = {
    'CameraPosition' : '',
    'CameraTarget' :  '',
    'CameraUpVector' : '',
    'Projection' : '',
    'CameraViewAngle' :  ???????? }

I am attempting to make a plotly 3D rendered scene align with a β€˜real’ 3D scene as captured by an actual camera, and an inability to manipulate the camera view angle is preventing me from doing this.

I have the same question. Is there a plotly equivalent of CameraViewAngle in the camera?