Modify CSS and Load Locally in Dash App

I’m using the css provided in Dash Getting Started here:

I like it, but want to bring in my own custom font. I’m able to load it using the following:

base_css = ''

external_css = [base_css, '/static/local.css']

for css in external_css:
    app.css.append_css({"external_url": css})

def static_file(path):
    static_folder = os.path.join('/var/www/FlaskApp/FlaskApp/', 'static')
    return send_from_directory(static_folder, path)

However, when I save the base_css (again provided by Dash Get Started) as an actual .CSS and load it through my ‘/static/local.css’, it doesn’t work for me. Thoughts on why, is it format?


The dash app automatically go look for css in the ‘assets’ folder, at the same level as your server. So you could theorically simply have this structure:

check this page for more info:
They also explain in which order the different css are loaded, etc.