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Missing tooltip on bar chart grouped by color

Hi evearyone this is my first post. I hope i can find a solution.

I have a data frame like this. y= means, x = names, status = (positive,negative,in range).
For 15 observations
"positive" 1
"in range" 10
"negative" 4
When I try to plot a bar chart with something like this:
plot_ly(data = df)%>% add_trace(x = ~names, y = ~means,type = "bar", color = ~status ,colors = colors ,text = ~paste("Name: ",names ,"</br> Mean: ",means))

I get a missing tooltip for the positive observation. It doesn’t appear when i hover it. The rest are ok.
The wired thing is that this doesn’t happen if i get 2 observations at least for "positve "group. Tooltips appear on every observation.
In summary, for groups with 1 observation the tooltip is missing.

Sorry for my bad English :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a bug?
What I’m doing wrong?