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Mismatch between shapes position and annotations on shapes

In this plot http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/gist/empet/2f13dd47368889ad1e8c4a7c75731881 I defined a rectangular shape with respect to paper, having y0=1, y1=1.078. Logically to insert an annotation on this shape, with respect to paper too, you must set a text position with y between y0 and y1. But the text is put within the rectangle only if y>y1 (y=1.08 in my case).
It appears that shapes and annotations do not use the same unit vector/distance in the y direction.

Thanks for mentioning this issue Emilia. I’m currently working on the facet_grid FigureFactory for the python library right now, so I will be checking out the difference in annotations vs shape distance in the y direction.

Thank you for linking to your facet gird example, I’ll use it as a reference.