Mismatch between plotly_relayout xaxis.range values and actual data points on plot

On X-axis populating the date values and want to show the zoom-in range value as external label.

The values capturing from the xaxis.range are different from the actual datapoint value sometimes.

xaxis.range[0]: “2019-06-12 15:26:38.1169”
xaxis.range[1]: “2019-06-12 15:26:43.5787”
proto: Object

But on the plot, the x data point starting from “2019-06-12 15:26:36” and ending with “2019-06-12 15:26:45”. Which is out of range.

Is some conversion missing ?

That sounds like a bug on our end.

Could you share a reproducible example to help us debug? Thanks for posting!

From the below example, able to reproduce

Ex: Intentionally mouse drag (ex: X-axis 11 - 19).
Expected Xaxis points only between 11 and 19. But resulting to have the both x-axis 10 and 20 values (Which are near endpoint on both sides).

In my use case, using date values with 5 sec intervals. So I see more no of data points are showing - even though selected range is not in !.

Any Update on the fix ?.