Mesh3d colour scale


Can anyone help?

I am trying to create a mesh3D plot in plotlyR using R studio but I am having problems with how to create a colour scale to my mesh.

I have a nice mesh plot using the code,

p <- plot_ly(
x = points[, 1], y = points[, 2], z = points[, 3],

i = faces[, 1]-1, j = faces[, 2]-1, k = faces[, 3]-1,

type = “mesh3d”,

facecolor = “red”,
intensity = intensity,
colorscale = “red”,
showscale = TRUE


I’m not very sure what face colour does, intensity does or colour scale does, but I want to map a colour scale onto the mesh based on a value called bi, that I have measured for each point (ie, each x = points[, 1], y = points[, 2], z = points[, 3] point has a value of bi assigned to it in my dataframe). And I want to scale the colour where

vert$colour[vert$bi<= 0.5] <- "red"
vert$colour[vert$bi> 0.5 & vert$bi<=1.5] <- "green"
vert$colour[vert$bi>= 1.5] <- “purple”

or similar in a blending contour fashion.

Any thoughts on how to plot this?

Many thanks
All help welcome


here is the plot if that helps

You could use intensity. Other options are also illustrated in this JS demo.