Merge duplicate headers=True but only for first row in datatable

Is there a way to set merge duplicate headers=True but only for the first row in the header.


have you found a solution to this issue?
Thank you

Similar issue here, I would like the merge_duplicate_headers parameter to only apply to the first header row, not subsequent rows. Or, barring that, the merge behavior should inherit from the header row above the current row.

In the example, column β€˜01’ under β€˜615’ should be separate from column β€˜01’ under β€˜618’. Same for β€˜02’ under β€˜618’, and β€˜621’. Merging the second level like this doesn’t really make sense (to me this seems like a bug - I can’t think of a scenario where you would want the 2nd level merged when the 1st level is not merged).