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Memory Error when animating choropleth map

Hey folks.

I’m trying to make a choropleth map with plotly express. static map works and is rendered well.

But when I’m trying to animate it then I get “Memory Error”.
my dataset is not too large (2497 rows x 4 columns).

the code is as follow:

df = pd.read_csv("ca_pr_day.csv")
with open("canada_provinces.geojson", "r") as geo:
    mp = json.load(geo)

fig = px.choropleth(df,
                    scope='north america',

fig.update_geos(showcountries=False, showcoastlines=False,
                showland=False, fitbounds="locations")

I’m using Pycharm on Windows 10.

Also FYI when I upgraded python to 64-bit, when I run the code it is opened in the browser and show the time frames and the map but when I press play the regions are getting disappeared. (I think when it gets value, the values layer cannot be rendered on the map perhaps). I tried with Jupyter but it was the same.

I previously was able to do animated choropleth maps but not sure why this happens now.