Maximum number of States

General Question

Let’s say you have a x number of user inputs that you want to utilize for a calculation that is being run on an app callback.

Is there a maximum count of states() you can include in an app callback? Ideally, I would like to store those inputs into a list and reference them later in the calculation but I am not sure if I can pass that many variables at once.

What do the inputs look like? Are they all independent Input fields? Are they all coming from one place? If they’re all independent Input fields, then store each one of them in a Div element. If they all come from one place, you can set the values field as a list and append each input to this list. Many ways to go about this.

Yeah they would be independent Input fields…think of it like filling out Account Information.

I wanted to include all those fields as states but I wasn’t sure if there was a limit.

‘If they all come from one place…field as a list and append…’ --> Is there anyway I could see an example of this? I’m not sure how you would actively push multiple inputs into a list outside of an callback.

Thanks for the response!