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Maximum number of rows for DashTabulator?

Somewhere, I found an option to limit the number of rows that is shown in the Tabulator table. However, no I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know which option I mean? I have around a thousand rows and loading the table takes a long time now.

Hi @mail8

There is an example on how to limit the rows in this post: Tabulator Dash Component - #21 by AnnMarieW

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Thank you AnnMarieW.
It is sufficient to provide the height option in the DashTabulator options:

options = {

          "selectable": True,


          "layout": "fitDataFill",

          "height": "900px",   # This will limit the number of rows


downloadButtonType = {"css": "btn btn-primary", "text":"Export", "type":"csv"}

clearFilterButtonType = {"css": "btn btn-outline-dark", "text":"Clear Filters"}

meta_table = html.Div(id='meta-table-container', 

   style={'min-height':  100, 'margin': '0%'},