Maximum call stack size exceeded -errors when filtering dataTable

Hi there,
in my dashboard I am including a dataTable with multiple dropdown to filter the data. I got the following error when I tried select more than 1 filter:

"Maximum call stack size exceeded
*(This error originated from the built-in JavaScript code that runs Dash apps. Click to see the full stack trace or open your browser’s console.)"

Intially the table was into a html.Div. I succeeded to fix this error to replace the Div with a dbc.Container.
The error represented when I set to the dbc.Container the property “Fluid=True” (so I removed by now)

Does someone encounter the same issue? maybe there is another thread already to point out?
OR does someone knows why the bootstrap container (w/o Fluid True) works and Div no?
My concern is that by now I succeeded to fix by chance the error but w/o understanding it could come out at any time again :cry:

Super thanks for any suggestion!

FYI these are some of the packages version I am usign:

HI @topaccina welcome to the forums.

I don’t think you get this error due to using dbc.Container with or without fluid=True or html.Div.

A google search points into an other direction:

So without sharing your code here it’ll be difficult to help you, I guess :slight_smile:

thanks for your feedbakc @aimped! I will check it for sure!!

You are right… let me point to the code. So I can highlight exacltly the critical point.

This is the public repo link
The app is also live here (second tab has the filters/table that drove me crazy)

the main file is called this code is working now BUT if at line 439 I add fluid=True then I incur the max stack size error…
I cannot undestand what create the recursion :no_mouth: … Investigation ongoing!!


Hello @topaccina,

I am wondering if it may be related to the tooltips that you have on each cell.

What happens if you disable that?

Good suggestion for the debugging… let me try! Thanks @jinnyzor

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