maxHeight doesn't extend background height in dcc.Dropdown

The “maxHeight” prop should expand the height of the dropdown, which it does. However, it does not expand the height of the background.

If you have a look at the Dash example: Dropdown | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly you can see that normally “Rome” would not fit on the dropdown. With maxHeight=300 “Rome” now fits in the dropdown, but but the white background height has not been increased (same issue in dark mode).

Minimal example of issue taken from dash dash/documentation

from dash import dcc dcc.Dropdown( [‘New York City’, ‘Montreal’, ‘Paris’, ‘London’, ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Rome’], ‘Paris’, id=‘height-example-dropdown’, maxHeight=300 )

Hi @Volodia

I see the issue in the docs, but running that minimal example on it’s own, everything looks fine. It might be just be an issue with some custom CSS that’s used in the docs.


Indeed that comes from a custom CSS class used for the docs.
A patch is pending, should be live tomorrow max :+1:

Thank you @Volodia !