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Marker rotated at particular angle in js

hi there!
i want to rotate the triangle marker symbol at a particular angle.I am not getting any clue regarding that.

We don’t expose a way to do that at the moment unfortunately.

is there any alternative because , am ploting vector lines in xy plot using trignometric functions and i need to show the directions using arrow head

Is there any tentative timeline for this. It is very useful and a conveneient parameter. Both bokeh and matplotlib can do it. Would love if plotly could do it too!

I needed this before too, here. https://community.plotly.com/t/rotate-markers-in-plotly/5456

Do you want to rotate all of the triangles at one specific angle or specific triangles at specific angles?

I would like to use such a feature for showing wind direction; here[1] is an example of what we do already, using a different javascript charting tool.

[1] http://smartbay.marine.ie/Chart/GalwayWindSpeed?fullScreen=True

I wanted to do the same thing. Please, inform when you are able to do that.

Same here. In pyplot I manged to do something half decent using vectors. In plotly I have tried with quiver but the scaling causes problems and makes the arrows look whatever depending on what timescale I look at (e.g. one week of data or one month). Would be so much easier if there was an element you could place in a given position with a given rotation.