Markdown : Disable highlight.js warning


I’m using a markodwn to display the content of a python dictionnary, the markdown content is updated via a callback. It’s working fine but the console is throwing a lot of warning about potential security risk because the markdown create code block with unescaped html :

react_devtools_backend.js:4026 One of your code blocks includes unescaped HTML. This is a potentially serious security risk.

I tried to set the dangerously_allow_html property to false or true, it didn’t change a thing, I tried to supply that setting directly to the highlight_config but only the theme keywork is accepted…
I’m running out of idea. Here is my implementation :

   id = f"{name}_display",
   dangerously_allow_html = False,
   mathjax = False,
   dedent = True

   Output(f"{name}_display", "children"),
   Input(f"update_{name}_display", "n_clicks"),
   Input("control_board_interval", "n_intervals")
def getDisplay(click, n_int):
	markdown = (
        f"Value of the {name} object\n"
        f"{pprint.pformat(obj, indent=4)}\n"
     return markdown