Mapbox won't draw line

I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I am just learning Python. I have attempted to map two df using plotly, one in scatter and one in line to mapbox. No issue with the scatter plot. It is plotting oil and gas wells based on state provided gps data. The line plot uses essentially the same instruction as in Lines on mapbox in Python. It only generates points for the gps coordinates, although the legend shows lines.

#Add pipeline in line
fig2 = px.line_mapbox(pipeline, lat=“Lat”, lon=“Lon”, color=“Leg”)

The data is user input and then written to and read from a csv file with the only columns being Leg, Lat and Lon. The points are recognized on the map, but no line between gps coordinates. If it matters the background map is USGS and the updated mapbox instruction is:

fig3 = go.Figure( +

“below”: ‘traces’,
“sourcetype”: “raster”,
“sourceattribution”: “United States Geological Survey”,
“source”: [{z}/{y}/{x}
mapbox_center_lat = 32.1233832, mapbox_center_lon = -103.62026)


Any help would be appreciated.