Mapbox Subplots Matching Axes

When creating a subplot with go.Scatter and make_subplots you then can update the figure by using fig.update_xaxes(matches='x') to have the axes follow each other. I couldn’t get that functionality to work when using go.Scattermapbox. It doesn’t throw an error, it just doesn’t cause the axes to follow each other. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The rough code used to create the subplots is here:

fig = make_subplots(1, 3, specs=[[{'type':'mapbox'}, {'type':'mapbox'}, {'type':'mapbox'}]])
grouped = df.groupby(by='group')
for i, p in enumerate(
    temp = grouped.get_group(p)
    trace = go.Scattermapbox(, lon=temp.lon, name=p)
    fig.add_trace(trace, 1, i+1)

fig.update_xaxes(matches='x') # this line doesn't work
fig.update_mapboxes(style='carto-positron', zoom=5)

Thank you!

This is normal: mapbox subplots have no x-axes, as those are related to cartesian subplots. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have support for matching mapbox subplots.

I had a similar issue with the mapbox hexbin map. Is this functionality on the roadmap?

Not at the moment, but we’d happily accept a pull request or some sponsorship to get it built!