Managing CSV files and user interaction

Hi Everybody,

I need some orientation, please.

I’m using some csv files to store and get information from my app, different DataFrames are read and store using .read_csv(‘table,csv’) and .to_csv(‘table,csv’) and everything is working as expected.

The thing is that now I’m wondering how to manage to store the files in a way that each user can manage and use their own tables without interfere with other users files, and also if that requires some user authorization.

Do you know where I can found information about managing user interaction in Dash? :thinking:

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Emil,

Could you give me an orientation about this topic ?

Thanks again for your help.

It depends a lot on the level of sophistication needed.

If you just need to make every user ‘see their own app’, you could generate a session id on page load. You would then use this id to control which .csv files are loaded. That is more-or-less what I do in this component,

If you need to be able to recall previous sessions and/or control app behavior depending on the user, you would need to add some user authentication mechanism. There are a lot of different options out there, depending on you needs. I am currently using Keycloak,

But it might be overkill for your needs :slight_smile:

EDIT: User management is one of the key features of Plotly Enterprise. I haven’t tried it myself, but they claim it should be very easy to use.

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Thanks again for your support !! :+1:

I will analyze the alternatives. :thinking: