Making a "heat-map" matrix/table with hover/tool tip info

I’m interested in creating a visual heat map matrix where each cell is a number in a range or text (see below for an example). For each cell/value in the matrix, I’d like to have associated numeric values which will dictate the color of the cell on a color scale. The data doesn’t really have any valid X or Y axis labels; it’s more of a infographic visual that I’d like to create using all of the boxes. I would like to display information as you hover over each cell as well.

It seems like I could do this either using the heat map and just hide the axis labels or using a table. Is there a better or easier approach and any guidance on what kind of format I’ll need to curate my data to do so? I was thinking I could store all my cell numbers as keys in a dictionary and then the associated data points I’d like to be able to use for the color scale and hover info as the values.