Make tooltip stay


I’ve created a bubble chart with a Mapbox map, and I’m really digging the ability to inject br tags and hrefs by tweaking my database queries to return results concatenated with HTML. It makes the tooltips super cool, but if I want to link out to another particular dashboard in a tooltip, I’ve got one obstacle to overcome: I need to make the tooltip stay after the item has been clicked. By default, the tooltip just shows up on hover, but I don’t see an option in the docs to make it stick around by clicking on it.

I know I can have cross-filtering with Dash apps, which would eliminate the need to link out to another dashboard, but not everyone on my team can use Python. Is there any way to make the tooltip stick around? I’d like to have the tooltip stay so that the user can move their cursor to the link in the tooltip. Or alternatively, changing the default action on click to be a new tab could work - the only trick is that the link would have to be dynamic and tied to each data point.

Any ideas?