Make graph responsive to window size

Hi, i use plotly library (python) to generate gantt chart in dash, then i put that graph into table using bootstrab “dbc”
so i have one row, insude the row i have 2 columns, in one column i have graph, on the second column i have several dropdown menus.
I am facing with the issue which is related to the graph size. it is not adjusting to the window size. (not getting smaller when i minimize window)
i tried fig[‘layout’].update(responsive = True)
but it doesn not work, and also i tried to put pidth 100% both in bootsrap column and to fig, but non of them works. to see the graph i should slide the window, but i want to see it smaller relatively to window size.
P.s. my dropdown menus are getting smaller when i minimize the window

Hi @Adag, have you got a code snippet that demonstrates this?