Make a Markdown or Text Area Editable

Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new with dash and I have a problem that seems to be trivial, but I could not find any example of it online.

I have created a card box like this:

+    key 1           value 1    +
+    key 2           value 2    +
+    key 3           value 3    +

I am using a html.A for the keys and also dcc.Markdown for the values.
Now I would like to be able to edit the values by adding a small button to each row.

I know that I cannot make the Markdown editable, but I also don’t want to use things like dcc.TextArea or dcc.Input, because I like the card text to look like normal text in reading mode.

What are my options and how can I manage something like this.

Thanks for your answers