Look and feel dcc.DatePickerSingle vs dcc.Input

I’m creating a screen that has a few data entry items. One of the data entry items is today’s date and the rest are various items. For today’s date I’m using dcc.DatePickerSingle and for the reset of the items I’m using dcc.Input. I’m confused as to why the ‘look and feel’ of the data entry boxes are different. The screen doesn’t look as good as it could. Since both of these dash components are for data entry, would it be possible to give them the same look and feel?

Thanks in advance…

They look similar but the datepickersingle generates a modal with a calendar, which the input obviously doesn’t do, so I’m not sure what you mean by the same “look and feel”.
What do you mean by giving them the same feel? Are you looking for both input and datepicker fields to look the same?

Yes, I would like the fields to look the same.

I like what the datepickersingle does, click on it and you get a calendar, but, yes I would like it to look the same on the screen as the input field.

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